An introduction

In August of 2011 I moved into an east Vancouver apartment with a few friends. Over the coming months I would develop a sometimes more than casual relationship with with the pub around the corner. St. Augustine’s is a specifically craft beer pub with over 40 beers on tap at any given time and a detailed menu describing not just “name of beer” and “brewery” but also where it’s from, what they key ingredients include, and what tasting notes to expect. Sure I’d had many a beer in my time before Augustine’s, but having such a resource so close by inevitably opened my eyes to a whole new world. A world where creativity and experimentation is king. A world where borders and traditions are there to be broken.

So here we are, two years later. I’ve quit my coffee-shop job of the last four years in favour of a bartending gig at a East Van pub and brewhouse. I’ve spent months developing the concept for a web-series, exploring the magical world of craft beer that thrives right here in the Pacific NW. I am ready to immerse myself in a new world, to explore the depths of just want makes this industry so special. I hope to inspire others the way I’ve been by the charms of the world of craft beer.


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